Please remember that you are important. You need no consideration. You're out. You're superior. No one deserves you who makes you feel that way.


You have worked hard, and you deserve a speedy recovery.


When it comes to romantic relationships, your body cannot be an afterthought; you simply cannot afford to make that mistake.


Everything you've given away in terms of affection to the wrong people will, sooner or later, come back to haunt you.


You are not perfect; that much is obvious. You possess a humane spirit. And that is something that is much more interesting to consider.


Give yourself more credit than you would a potential partner and treat yourself with more seriousness.


Your ability to be alone is a reflection of your love capacity and vice versa.


You are not your insomniacs. Not your mistakes. You are not your pain. You're not your ex. Not your bones. They're part of you, but not all. Beware what defines you.


Hold on to a memorable moment as tightly as you can before it slips your mind.


There is no correlation between being useful and being loved.


You can outgrow your dream life. Even if those places are only in your mind and heart, you don't have to stay. Move on. You can change. Modify yourself. Be yourself.


People love us differently than we expect. They will hold a healing ceremony to teach us to love ourselves.

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