Cancer is reserved. These crabs love assisting others but conceal until they get to know them.Moon-ruled moodiness makes them pensive.

They may get protective and retreat if things go wrong.Water signs will comply after getting to know you.


Aquarius, a forward-thinker, is typically alone. They also resist society. Their oddity can seem faraway.They value autonomy. They dislike idle talk and rarely stay present.

Aquarius' Water Bearer represents collective consciousness. Aquarians may focus on the big picture rather than individual encounters.


Taurus is stubborn. They prefer routines and dislike changes. Bennet claims they'll ignore you if you try to modify them.Fixed and earth signs, they are grounded. 

As a result of their resistance to novelty and change, Taureans can be challenging companions.You have to go deeper to find their gentle side.


Capricorns tend to bottle up their feelings. They may not immediately shut down or declare don't come near me, but they do focus inward. 

Saturn-ruled The Capricorn inclination is to resist change.They like a cozy environment. Let them come up to you.


Scorpio is most reclusive. Water signs feel deeply yet appear aloof. They struggle to admit people. Getting to know their closed-off personality may be lucky.Scorpios are also private.

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