Cancers are kind and forgiving, a truly soothing creature. They are the best at heart-to-heart communication and natural healing.

Cancer considers helping others a calling. They would never neglect loved ones. They'll listen to your relationship turmoil all night and bring cookies the next night.


Pisces is the dreamer, and it likes to float around in a world of make-believe where it can share its profound thoughts with others. They will instantly grasp-

how you feel about whatever situation you describe to them. It could even appear that they are absorbing your emotions. They are the ultimate empath because of this.


Libra is also a favorite. Libras are compassionate because they can see all sides. Venus-ruled, they are innovative in helping with money and time.

 This sign also romanticizes helping. Their idealistic nature drives them to help, especially in personal relationships. They love helping friends.


Selfless Virgos work hard. They'll help everyone. They'll help the needy financially, emotionally, or both. This earth sign multitasks well. If you need aid, Virgos are always attentive.


Leos aren't recognized for their empathy. Leo, a fixed fire sign, is sensitive to others' profound emotions but not to its own. 

Leos can be sweet and compassionate among family and friends. They'll listen, especially if you're in their inner group.


Even without understanding, this symbol shows empathy. Aquarius sympathizes with oppressed people because they want social justice and equality.

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