Leads Aquarians. They're too analytical as the zodiac's penultimate air sign. Huge thinkers sometimes miss the big picture. They neglect their families to change the world.

Aquarians' rebelliousness makes them hard to connect with. Aquarius' logistics obsession makes them seem cold and aloof. Aloofness is often spacy.


Air signs Libras aren't idiots. They're social. Perhaps unreliable. While loving life, they neglect tasks. Libra's doubts hurt. They'll reconsider.

Luckily, they all realize that life can't be balanced and use their imaginations to travel to places that make them happy instead of staying in the terrible old real world.


Mercury-ruled Gemini learns quickly. They love mixing, planning, and meeting new people, but their packed calendars make them the most scattered zodiac sign.

This sign's various thoughts might easily overwhelm and derail them. They're twins with multiple personalities. Because they're changeable, Geminis may forget things.


Symbolizes water Pisces vacillates between dream and reality. Pisces, sensitive and empathic, may be swayed by emotions and perceive things differently.

This sign's intuitive, mystical nature makes it the most creative. Pisces appreciate a simple, calm life. Composers, writers, and artists are best under this sign.


Earth-sign Virgos are meticulous. Like computers, they sort data. Technology isn't perfect. Virgo is spacy but careful. Virgos overcommit and forget.

Virgos will berate themselves for forgetfulness since they have high standards. There's too much to do and fix in the world to waste time.

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