Pisces are known for their selflessness. This sensitive water sign can get lost in their own reality, but they also think of methods to make others feel loved and valued.

Pisces are loving, sympathetic, and dedicated. If you confide in them, they will sense your grief. Pisces are the most empathetic people and will always take care of you.


Libras understand emotions. Their quest to understand others might consume them. Libra can offer endlessly provided they take care of themselves. 

As air signs, they're good listeners and counselors, but if you're sad, they'll try to cheer you up. These folks are social, so if they can't help you, they'll utilize their buddies.


Virgos are sensible and like to work. They thrive on understanding what you need and are the sign of service. They're quick to respond and eager to work.

They provide physical and emotional support. Virgos answer the phone whenever you call. Earth signs will stop what they're doing to take care of you.


Cancer is a healer who wants to take care of their loved ones. Intuitive and nurturing, they prefer to be needed. If you're feeling low, they'll cheer you up.


Capricorns may not seem excessively caring, yet they always want what's best for you. Earth signs are loyal and responsible, and they don't mince words.

The care they receive will be simple and direct. If you can count on the support of a Capricorn, consider yourself fortunate.


Taureans will help you solve your problems. Another earth sign, they'll be calm in your time of difficulty. Being resourceful, they won't waste time finding a solution. 

Realists will assess your situation and use what's available to help. Bulls are loyal and observant, so they can rapidly assess your mood and needs.

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