Aries ranks first in impulsivity. Make sure your ex-lover is back for good and willing to commit to your relationship. So, avoid emotional impulsivity around your ex.


Your ex has undoubtedly been thinking about you since the breakup. Tauruses are possessive. Therefore, make sure your ex's interest is genuine and not selfish.


Geminis have the option of putting their natural nervousness to productive use. If your ex-partner doesn't value you, don't give up on yourself.


You'll want to return to your ex due to their incredible persuasion skills. Therefore, you must determine if you and your last are compatible.


Leos can be arrogant. Know that it takes a lot of courage for a Leo to apologise and accept wrongdoing. If you still love that Leo knight, try again.


Virgos work. Work-life imbalance triggered your first breakup. Before reuniting, make sure your ex will care for you. It's worth another try if they can avoid business emails on dates.


Libras are fair-minded, so we forget they hold grudges. Libra must forgive to repair your relationship. Both of you will regret round two if your initial fight brings up the past.


Dangerous stinger. Scorpios are envious, so if you like someone else, they may want you back. If sincere, your Scorpio suitor deserves a chance.


Sagittarius are hopeful, but you need your spouse to be realistic about your relationship, its problems, and their solutions. If your ex can cure what broke you up, you should get back together.


Capricorns are condescending because they're always right, but they're great. Your ex shouldn't be narrating your split. Instead, they should listen and empathise. If they can, try again.


Your Aquarian sweetheart's dedication may have caused the split. They're yours this time if they show they're committed by finding a therapist or a solution to a long-standing issue.


Pisces are romantic. Find out if your ex is interested in you or the honeymoon instead. Are you able to talk about your shortcomings, the future, and the present.

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