You love Aries, yourself, and your family. Love endures. You're romantic and want to wake up with your sweetheart every day. You'll fall in love once since you're not impulsive.


Tauruses are hopeless romantics who love every day. Your youthful heart was broken. Otherwise, prepare. When you're mature enough to appreciate it, you'll fall in love again.


Twins love. As love's sugar high wears off, you realize you can't have it all. You contribute without speaking. You change lovers. Love fades. Before finding love, people usually fall four times.


You hurry into bad relationships because you feel responsible for spotting romantic desire. Your first love's failure is not your fault. Double-love. Self-love makes relationships work.


Leos appreciate youth. You believe in young love despite your unreadiness for marriage and children. Socializing is fun. You'll love again. Know now. This bonds you.


Love's hard, Virgo. Expect both. Selfishness causes strife. Love isn't replaceable. You'll succeed despite falling in love once. Love commitment. You adore forever.


Libra, you love profoundly yet need to understand. Don't feel unlovable if you fell in love three times. You give all your affection to your companion.Loving takes daily practice.


Scorpio, your passionate heart is closed to others. You want to love, but you're skeptical about your future with the person you say you love. Most individuals love three times.


As things get serious, Sagittarius may stop loving. Love worries you until you know what you desire. Love four times. You need them all. Loss shapes you. You'll quit if you're not ready.


Capricorn, you prioritize love with a future spouse over minor details. You try. Enjoy life. Once is enough. Your relationship's dictatorial because you want to keep your most important stuff.


Maybe Aquarius desired love. Surrendering your identity is hard. Wish to date. Double-love. Beginning without a goal is exhilarating and hazardous.


Pisces need love forever. Ideal lovers, lasting bliss, and bright careers are fiction to you. Love carefully. Protect your true love. Young love. Simple forever love.

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