Aries may appear uncaring, yet they're insecure about their abilities. So they don't talk about it and use their optimistic optimism to ignore how hurt they are.


Change is Taureans' worst enemy. It takes time to adjust to solo life after a long relationship. Their damaged heart caused pain and insecurity. For a while, they'll hide their evil thoughts.


Geminis also seem like they don't care, but they blame the one who broke their heart. Geminis will locate someone better if they don't have one.


As their heart breaks, cancer, one of the most untrustworthy signs, is devastated. They'll always wonder what went wrong. They won't go immediately.


Leos value pride most. They're the most proud sign, so they'll just carry on. They fear getting injured again, yet the drive to heal that bruised ego will triumph out.


As one of the most perceptive and analytical signs, Virgos are prepared for a future heartbreak. They would have anticipated the discomfort and developed coping mechanisms in before.


Libras are still proud. Insecurity comes from a shattered heart, but their charm has always attracted people, so they will likely find someone to mend it quickly.


One of the most sensitive signs, Scorpios will feel heartbreak deeply. Negative emotions like grief, hatred, and hurt cause feelings of failure and mistrust. They'll feel vengeful for a while.


Independent Sagittarius. They care despite their indifference. They won't dwell on it or let it stop them. Sagittarius wants another whirlwind relationship.


Capricorn, an ambitious sign, accepts heartbreak. It's another chance to prove themselves and distract them from the agony.


Aquarius never fully bond to anyone, therefore a broken heart doesn't hurt as much as with other signs. They're upset and insecure, though. Nonetheless, they realise their value.


Pisces are the most sensitive and self-pitying signs, thus a broken heart will bring out their fears and feelings of unworthiness. They'll retreat into their dreams until someone distracts them.

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