Aries are independent and dislike being held down. Leaders like being single because they like making decisions. Alone living lets them do what they want.


Taurus likes freedom too.People fear changing relationships after being single for so long because they cherish constancy. After a relationship, being single frightens them.


Geminis are restless, impetuous, and autonomous. Even in happy relationships, they dislike commitment and feel bored. They favour casual, no-commitment relationships.


Cancers, despite their complexity, enjoy being single. They need someone to care for them and help them deal with their emotions, thus they can't be single.


Despite their independence, Leos need company: One, they're pompous and vain, so someone must restrain them. Two, they need someone to constantly admire them. They're rarely single.


Virgos are complex and analytical, so they recognise the practicality of being alone. When they date, they list all the ways things could go wrong, making it impossible to find someone.


This sign is autonomous, although they prefer to be among others. They're just transitioning to singlehood.


Scorpios are ambitious and suspicious. They prefer alone and are concerned. They like occasional company but prefer singlehood to live their own life.


Sagittarians enjoy people but hate commitment. Sags thrive as singles because they need independence and adventure.


Capricorns are so secure in their own abilities that they don't feel the need for their partners approval. Thus, Capricorns thrive in solitary environments.


Even when they love you, Aquarius keep their distance. They're fine living alone since they value independence.


Pisces need relationships most. Singlehood harms their mental wellbeing. As they're sensitive and self-pitying, they require a companion to soothe and motivate them.

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