You're smart yet unorganised. You're impatient and impetuous. Before your next big trip, do your research. Knowing what could go wrong will help you handle it.


You want close relationships, yet you can't trust anyone. If someone upsets you, they're gone. You can't have individuals risk their lives to gain your trust just to be exiled when they fail.


You want to be friends with everyone yet can't accept your major differences. If you don't click, you don't date. Honor their uniqueness instead of pressuring them to suit your ideal pal.


You're amazing in the beginning, but reality dulls your romance. To keep the flame burning, control your emotions and take your time getting to know someone.


You're kind one minute then demanding, patronising, and condescending the next. Giving without receiving is upsetting. Life isn't always equal. Give without expecting anything back. 


You overthink everything, even if you wish to be laid-back. You might get lost by focusing on the minutiae. Failure contradicts your self-image, so you punish yourself. 


You have wonderful ideas and talk a nice game, but you don't deliver. Your subconscious believes that if you don't attempt, you can't fail. Lazy is better than untalented.


Using your power and zeal against them is terrifying. If betrayed, you want revenge. You're vengeful. Use your energy towards sports or art instead of revenge.


Unless offended, you're optimistic. Everything's overanalyzed. Be happier by not thinking the world revolves around you.


You'll do anything to preserve your myth. You're hardworking and reliable, but you don't have to be all the time. You'll be happier and more well-rounded if you let loose occasionally.


You seek independence, freedom, and stability. You must sometimes compromise. Compromising helps. You're compatible even if they don't share your wanderlust.


You're weak-willed and easily swayed. You'll take advantage to be liked. You can help people without giving up. Defend yourself from inappropriate requests. 

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