Imposter syndrome deceives me. I earned success. Peers, superiors, and loved ones should praise me. I worked hard for my goals.


I can have what I want. I can be picky without being greedy. I want greatness. Luxury is mine.


I can cut ties with unhelpful people. I'm not bad because I've overcome pain. I can move on without forgetting the good. I should be loved.


Mental health is not selfish. I deserve happiness. I must help myself before helping others. Knowing myself, I'm not self centered.


I do not burden my loved ones. Despite my flaws, I deserve kindness. Perfectionism is unnecessary. I can be close to others without being palatable.


I can't control others. I shouldn't moderate everyone's feelings. I can't fix everything. I need not know every answer.


I made informed decisions. I could not have known everything I know now. My growth is good.


I can trust people. Vulnerability is a muscle to strengthen. Honesty protects me. I don't have to pretend.


My life can still change. It may not always feel this way. If I know what needs to change, I can handle it. I deserve home happiness.


I won't bother with someone who needs convincing. I'm interesting. I can defend my beliefs. I can communicate.


Good change takes time. Step-by-step is fine. Learning a new skill doesn't require perfection. Nobody expects me to fix the world.


Despite what others say, my emotions are valid. Feelings are okay. My family doesn't mind me confiding. Please listen.

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