Clean your face & hands

Eliminating makeup and oils helps eye cream work. Cleanse and dry your skin. Since you'll apply the product with one finger, cleanse your hands too.

Refrigerate eye cream

If you keep your eye cream in the medicine cabinet, you may want to move it to a cooler place to prolong its efficacy.

You refrigerate eye cream, which wakes up my under-eyes.Retinol and vitamin C in eye creams degrade slower in cold temperatures.

Know what to look for

As we age, choosing a mature skin eye cream or serum is crucial. Retinoids, peptides, and antioxidants increase collagen formation, smooth wrinkles, and protect delicate eye skin.

Roller or mini-massager

After applying eye cream, use a gadget that softly massages it. It improves eye creams and serums as an eye-brator. vibrations per minute enter skin faster.

This enhances serum penetration.Use an eye cream face roller. A face roller's gentle rubbing can improve circulation, reducing puffiness and dark circles around the eyes.

Gently tap with the ring finger

Gently applying a pea-sized amount with your ring finger. Eye cream is best applied with the weakest finger, the ring finger.

Pat onto upper and lower eyelids. Thin, easily stretched ocular tissue can loosen skin over time.

Use twice a day

While many of us associate applying eye cream with our nightly routine, the best effects come from doing so twice daily.

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