This sign behaves without thinking. Aries can appear clumsy because they behave without thinking. Aries moves fast, yet you can break things.

This sign can also embarrass themselves with their words. They ruin things before realizing it. Aries typically blurts things out when they want to be the center of attention.


Cancers love. Naturally clumsy. Daydreaming or remembering childhood makes them easy to find.Cancer's irritability may cause accidents.


This water symbol lives in fantasy. They're not uncoordinated—they just have trouble paying attention. They trip over themselves when their heads are in the clouds.

Pisces, the most forgetful zodiac sign, adds to their charm. They won't forget your birthday, but mundane things like doctor's appointments and bill due dates will.


Libras are well-balanced, but not always. This sign is so intent on doing the right thing that they may trip and fall.

Libra's indecision makes them clumsy, according to Won. They're clumsy due of hesitation.While choosing, they drop both cakes.


Selfish Aquarius. Space cadets are Aquarius energy.Because they're focused on world famine and sickness, the zodiac's most humanitarian and educated sign is often spacey. 

This driver may be reading or instructing a friend. Eccentricity and independence might make them clumsy.


Clumsy Geminis have hectic social calendars and new hobbies.  Geminis are verbally clumsy.They may reveal your big secret in a charming story. 

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