Capricorns strive. Cardinal signs lead ambitiously. They may turn tyrannical if things go wrong. If anything falls short, Capricorns may be critical.

Saturn rules them, so they demand order. If you follow instructions and complete chores, Capricorns won't get offended. Avoid being sidelined.


Aries won't hold back if you're not close. They are direct and unfiltered. They act spontaneously, thus they don't care about others' feelings. 

Passionate Aries likes to lead. Rams grow bored quickly and fight. They'll interrupt a boring speaker. Aries will do anything to get what they want


Tauruses are earth signs and fixed signs who don't enjoy losing. They like what they like, and no one can change their opinion.

Luxury lovers are self-indulgent and appreciate finer things. They may seem selfish or inconsiderate when they put their own wants above others.


Sagittarius always gets their way. This makes them bold and disrespectful. Their incessant thirst for new experiences and movement might be off-putting.

They may defy society. Sag can hurt traditionalists. Sagittarians' candor may hurt others. They value honesty but may not consider how their words and actions affect others.


Leo egos. Sun-ruled, they think the world revolves around them. Acting alone can cause issues.Regal lions forget their actions effect others.

Despite their charisma, they may not appreciate others. They're not being impolite if you're not near. Fire signs are obstinate and opinionated. This limits their empathy.

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