Aries tend to be dominant and self-absorbed. Being so self-absorbed and driven might make those born under the fire element appear callous.

Passionate, self-centered, impulsive, and boastful best describe Aries. Expect wrath if you disobey this sign.


Scorpios, powerful earth signs with cutting intellects, are colder and more closed than any other sign. They're comfortable employing silence and sarcasm.

Mars and Pluto-ruled folks aren't scared to burn things down and start over if they don't obtain what they want. They can be spiteful and destructive if you cross them.


Geminis thrive in a group setting. As they are constantly surrounded by new people, they can adapt their behavior accordingly. Their reality and norms can come across as harsh and egocentric. 

The moment anything goes wrong, all eyes turn to you. Those who are constantly trying to better themselves may interpret air signs as impolite and harsh.


Another fire sign that enjoys finding the best ways to accomplish is harsh. Selfish Sagittarius. If you disagree, they'll disregard you. If provoked, they are rude and overbearing.


Capricorns appreciate order and being correct. Earth signs put reasoning before emotion. Even if they care about others, this can make them seem cold and distant.

They'll also stop at nothing to acquire what they desire. Saturn-ruled Capricorn demands results and can seem cold while making tough judgments.


Aquarians are eccentric. Even if they're kind, if you don't like their quirks, they'll shut you out. Their science can appear brutal. Air signs don't care.

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