Capricorns are proud, so don't make them feel bad about their career. Capricorns don't hesitate to retaliate when their authority is questioned, especially at work.

 Being head-driven revengers, Capricorns will be cunning and planned. These signs are fast to harbor grudges, so don't cross them.


Libras can punish and teach. Libras demand justice for everything from being cut off on the freeway to infidelity. Justice balances symbolize them.Libras avenge softly.


If someone steals their spotlight, Leos may retaliate. Leos' egos are so important that they'll do anything to avenge public image injury. Leos recognize determination.


Cancers are sympathetic yet vindictive. Since the Moon governs our hidden thoughts and sentiments, it might be difficult for Cancers to keep their feelings in check. 

Cancerians are emotional. Maltreated cancers typically attack. Cancers are merciless. Regrets are buried but never forgotten. They'll plan revenge.


If you have angered a Taurus, stay away. Taurus revenge is calculated, slow, and lethal. If you violate this bullish indication, they'll take their time collecting. 

If a Taurus is hurt, they won't rush to do anything. They'll keep their anger bottled up inside. Perhaps they can let it go, but they won't forget.


Scorpios live to avenge their adversaries. Scorpios simmer in their rage until they explode. If Scorpio is your enemy or you harm them, wait your turn and stay safe. 

They won't let up on the torture until you beg for forgiveness. If a Scorpio or their loved ones are offended, you will never hear the end of it from them.

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