While a Libra's charisma and desire to connect with others may make them seem like they want to be tamed, nothing could be further from the truth.

Libra, often indecisive and superficial, views taming as another typical trap they don't want to experience. Try lion-taming.


Scorpio's traits make them untamable. They're too passionate for anything restrictive, therefore taming them would limit them. 

Even if someone wanted to tame Scorpio, they'd never get close enough. Thus, taming a Scorpio is impossible. It'll never happen. 


Because of its reputation as one of the zodiac's most unyielding signs, Aries is notoriously difficult to control.They can't be tamed since Aries is so competitive and

needs to be right all the time, so being domesticated makes them feel like they've lost a competition. Aries would sooner self-injure than lose a fight. 


You might as well try to catch Bigfoot if you think you can control Sagittarius.If Sagittarius could remain still for five minutes, you could try to throw a net around them,

For someone whose wanderlust is stronger than most people's sex drive, five minutes is a lifetime. Uncontrollable and uncatchable, Sagittarius. 


Gemini adores being tamed... for 30 seconds. Gemini is too quickly bored to be tamed.Geminis learn from all they see, yet they get bored faster than most.

This indicates that if you try to tame Gemini, not only will you fail, but their deception will reveal itself and you'll discover you were tamed.

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