Sagittarians have experienced the heartbreak of a failed romance. Sagittarius' passion of solitude makes relationships challenging. You're right—they'd rather be alone.

Some people find Sagittarius's independence insulting. Sagittarius do it without intending to hurt you. This sign's relationships fail.


Taurus love and leave. They do it. They occasionally try real relationships, but they get bored so soon that they can't keep one. If you keep one, they're probably cheating.

Taurus don't cheat, but because they're so irresistible in bed, everyone wants them forever, and Taurus doesn't have time for that! Taurus is charming and funny, but they don't stick around.


People leave partnerships because they don't want to. Fast sex and what they can get from you are the focus. Libra will stay until the money is gone, then leave through the back.

Libra prefers numbers to solitary. As they can't commit, they frequently hurt the other person when they try to be in a relationship.


Scorpio will only stay with their sweetheart. Soulmates are rare. It won't last without their companion. They expect much.They'll leave without it. Scorpio lovers go berserk.


Relationships with judgmental Geminis are nearly impossible. You're definitely self-deprecating if you're dating a Gemini.Gemini wants to fix you. They target the weak. 


Aries are slavemasters. They'll harass you until you give them what they want in a relationship. Aries breakups are common. They deliberately start the end.

They expect perfection from their buddies. Aries accuses the other of being the worst, giving them the perfect excuse to depart. Farewell.

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