Privately, Aries fears rejection. Rejection stings. Don't worry—you're experienced. Sudden rejection may affect your mood. When rejection stunned you, you may respond immature.


Rejection terrifies you, Taurus. It's awkward and forces an unprepared mindset. Rejection alters your feelings, future without that person, and comfort. Rejection makes you less adaptable.


Geminis loathe rejection. Rejection doesn't require much. After the initial shock, you'll try not to feel sad but may look for someone new because you weren't deeply attached. 


Cancer, your rejection is childish. When rejected, you may resort to passive-aggression to appear uncaring. Your drama and inability to approach the person might be frustrating.


Leo, you probably never experienced rejection because you always received what you wanted.Rejection makes you feel like you're not good enough. However, this rarely works.


When you put everything into your relationships, Virgo, rejection is hard to take. Even though you're upset, you'll suppress your true feelings and toughen up following rejection.


Rejection hurts, Libra. Recovering from rejection takes longer, but you do. You know life has ups and downs and that you must struggle through the downs to get back up. 


Scorpios loathe rejection. But, you struggle to handle it like an adult. After rejection, you'll likely be angry and stubborn, showing your lover you won't give up.


Rejection is two-fold, Sagittarius. If you don't care, act casual. You may fight this sudden emotional change if it's someone you care about. Rejection lasts. It's unforgettable. 


Capricorn, you work hard to avoid rejection in relationships. You invest in love, so losing it suddenly is devastating. Rejection usually involves examining the cause.


Aquarius, you're insecure. Rejection irritates. Your partner won't talk about it. Until you've moved on, you can't act maturely. You might forget after pouting.


Rejection hurts Pisces. You think people only break up with you if you did something wrong. Rejection depresses. Retry after healing. You'll grow more self-aware.

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