Passionate women attract Aries men. As long as she doesn't control him, he needs someone who matches his energy and adventurous lifestyle. He'll marry a honeymooner. 


Taurus men are rational and secure. They like driven women. Taurus men like to take their time and hate pressure, so they want to settle down with a patient, stable woman.


 A Gemini man is more likely to marry a partner who loves and needs him, loves adventure, and is flexible and understanding about his many plans and decisions. 


Cancer men want loyal, emotional partners. They need a reliable, caring woman. He will only marry an empathetic, caring, kind, and giving woman who accepts his flaws. 


Leos want attention. They like women who let them rule. Leo men marry women who can handle their intimidating nature. He enjoys telling stories to curious women. He wants attentive listeners. 


Virgos love luxury and wealth. He splurges. He wants a sensual, feminine woman who likes expensive cars and yachts, has a few designer handbags, and is humble and sweet. He wants a grateful partner. 


Happiness attracts. He'll settle down if he likes someone and she can be his best friend and girlfriend. She's calm. 


Scorpio men are intense and life-loving. They like social, party-loving women. Scorpio men want a woman who matches their intensity and provides a deep, passionate, and exciting emotional connection. 


Sagittarius men are well-traveled and independent. They like confident, smart, active women. He will always love an open-minded woman who travels to beautiful places and takes new classes. He loves a self-improver.


Capricorn men like ambitious, responsible women. Capricorn men want a driven, goal-oriented woman. He wants a family, so she must be loyal and family-oriented. 


Aquarius men are erratic but charming. They like confident, playful women. Challenges, authenticity. He needs an anchor. Because he's happy alone, he'll marry the woman who "completes" him.


Although aloof, Pisces men are romantic and sensitive. Caring women appeal. They like women who get their feelings. He'll do anything for the woman he loves, but he wants a constant companion. 

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