Aries love self-confidence! Tell them how sexy they are. They'll adore the ego boost, among other things.


Tauruses are notoriously possessive and territorial. Make it obvious to him that no other man may come between you and him. That will make him want you.


Geminis are notoriously indecisive. Tell your Gemini you're in charge. Let him relax. Tell him how you'll do it. He'll enjoy the night off from moving.


Cancers always felt self-conscious. . You know your Cancer better than me what makes him inner? Turn insecurity into a complement. That'll arouse him.


Leos are passionate. Kiss him like he's never been kissed. You'll leave him stunned with your acts.


Give your Virgo man praise. A Virgo man loves getting recognised for his efforts. So tell him he's killing it in the sack and maybe he'll step it up.


The Libra in your life is likely to be a softie who cares about how you're feeling in the bedroom. Don't keep your feelings bottled up inside. Give it your all; he's looking for honesty.


Just don't give in to your Scorpio's demands. A Scorpio's fondness of teasing can be used to your advantage. Do whatever it is you have planned for him slowly and thoroughly describe it to him.


Maintain suspense. Tell him to wait—suspense is your best friend. He'll soon be too interested to resist you, making you irresistible.


Capricorns pretend to be self-controlled, but in bed, anything goes. Make him lose control. Find his kryptonite and exploit it.


Aquarius isn't the sort to become all teary-eyed in bed, especially with the one he loves. Thus, refrain from becoming all mushy-gushy and instead, tell him straight up what it is you desire.


To put it bluntly, your man is a hopeless romantic. Use this opportunity to appeal to his softer, sweeter side.

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