Aries are unavoidable. Whether you started the fight or not, an Aries won't let go until you apologise. You'll know what triggered them best the longer you've known them.


Make people aware of how ridiculous the fight is.


Show you care. Geminis want to know you love them even when they drive you crazy. Tell them face to face. I love you, but you annoy me. You're annoying me, but I love you.


Plan improvements. Cancers prefer to avoid rehashing arguments. Apologies are accepted, but they prefer a plan to improve communication.


Show their other friends that you deserve their trust.


Apology and action. They know how easy it is to string together a sentence to smooth things over and get out of the dog house, so you need to go further to prove your sincerity.


Spending time together with care as soon as it's possible.


Cool them. Scorpios need space. Sometimes they need space before the argument solidifies. It's hard for talkers, but they need time to consider all sides.


Discuss. Sagittarians want their day in court, so let them. Listen to them and state your concerns.


Compromise. Capricorns run relationships like businesses. All parties want the best for the business, regardless of heated arguments behind closed doors. Only a consensus and united front remain.


Apologize. If you can agree to disagree with an Aquarius on one point, they may be willing to compromise. They may be passionate, knowledgeable, or empathetic.


Pamper them. Pisces need some TLC. They hate conflict and are sensitive. After fighting, you need a balm. Be kind, speak softly, and let them relax at home.

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