Passionate Aries. They seek lifetime relationships. Passionate Italy vacations suit them. Italians love family, homemade pasta, and emotional art. Aries fits this outspoken, family-oriented culture.


Luxurious Tauruses. They love shopping and scenery, so Paris, Provence, Nice, etc. are ideal. Shop, picnic, or relax on the Riviera. France suits Taurus.


Geminis are curious, friendly, and creative. Geminis can enjoy city life or nature reserves. Tokyo has sake, karaoke, and Mount Fuji. Geminis will love Japan.


Cancers enjoy relaxing vacations. New Zealand's wildlife and sunshine recharge cancers. Kiwis make Cancers feel welcome.


Leos love art, friends, and attention. Rekindle wanderlust in Santorini, Crete, and Mykonos. Enjoy Greek food and sunbathing with friends. Leos seeking a dream vacation will find charming shops and sights.


Virgos are tidy. They usually get their way. They love all-inclusive resorts. Relax, Virgos. Finally, relax with an icy beach cocktail in the sun.


Libras are rational. Outdoors and giving are their passions. Libra should visit South Africa's wildlife and vast landscapes. They can enjoy the beach or native animals. Libras love South Africa.


Bold Scorpios. Vacations recharge Scorpios. Australia has unique wildlife and landscapes. Scorpios love beach fun. Beach, hike, or koala. Scorpios love Australia.


Sagittarius travels endlessly. Sagittarius loves to travel. Sagittarius will love Argentina's history, food, and outdoor activities. 


Responsible Capricorns. Hard music. Capricorns, visit Ireland. Drink beer in an Irish pub, laugh with best friends, and explore thought-provoking castles. 


Aquariuses like spontaneity. They rage. Iceland suits their daring. They can contemplate our smallness and changing environment while watching the northern lights or glaciers off the coast.


Pisces enjoy art, romance, and music. Spain's generosity is ideal. Spain's vibrant colors, inventive cuisine, and charming towns make it romantic. Wine, flamenco, tapas, and ruins transport you. 

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