Use life as a basketball hoop, Aries. Cheer every dunk. Appreciate life. Made weekly. Walk around. a load. A game. something useful. Momentum overcomes obstacles.


Taurus, sweatpants are pandemic. Sweatpants calmed panickers. Similar to ruts. Find the most comfortable book, takeout, or wall art. Pleasures change perspective.


Gemini, you're stuck. Bateman's self-care. Loofah, clay mask, five-step skincare. Remember major events. Cut it. Physical or dental exams. Drug refills. Health first until recovery.


Leo, sleepovers. Not dinner, movies, parties, or after-work drinks. After parties, pajamas. When social interactions don't require "on," people are more authentic and present. Non-performance breaks ruts.


Leo, getting sucked into a storyline helps you escape your rut because you sympathize with others more than yourself. You relate to a character's story emotionally. Storytelling helps.


Toys protect Virgo. Non-battery, wall-plugged. Steam and vacuum. The 360 dusters and pillow-stripping magic powder you saw online are unfairly omitted.


Creativity liberates Libra. You're relatable when life is dull, routine, or ruined. Escapist art may doubt your artistic abilities. Art shows humanity. Best stories are mundane. 


Scorpio, wine, candle bath. PJs only. Try different self-presentations to find the few simple ways you feel powerful and alive. Haircut, lipstick, shoes, or watch. 


You learn, Sagittarius. When you're stuck, starting over helps. You like organizing a new project or skill. Work-and-progress routines bring happiness and motivation to your daily life.


Save for a vacation, car, or luxury item, Capricorn. Daily work is purposeful with a big goal. "Why am I doing this?" is the existential panic question.


Aquarius, leaving helps most. Your neighborhood has lots. Cafes, museums, stores, dives, and restaurants await. Your home's uniqueness. Others' efforts inspire you.


Get real, Pisces. A morning walk, stretch, or housework can give you as much energy as coffee. Showering or using skincare products can wake you up.

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