Aries who want a house and kids should marry a Leo. You suit family-oriented Leos. Marry a Sagittarius if you like hiking or woodcutting in Idaho. They'll make life lively.


In contrast, a Capricorn is the best option if you're a workaholic or an entrepreneur at heart. They will gladly lend a hand and encourage your enterprising spirit.


You're a Gemini, so you know how to party. If you want to avoid boredom, you should find a discussion partner who can keep the pace up. Sagittarius people are always interesting and worth getting to know.


You should date a Virgo if you're going through hard times or want someone who can manage anything. If you want those looks, get an aries. They're your blissful match.


Leos are renowned to entertain. So marry a Gemini if you want a humorous partner. Choose an Aries to achieve your dreams.


Taurus may be a good match if you've had trust concerns. They're committed and compatible for a long-term relationship.


Whether or not they'll acknowledge it, Libras crave attention, affection, and adoration. Cancer who is always willing to help you out in that way is your best bet.


Scorpios are intense, obsessive, and secretive. They require a companion who understands their intensity and is patient when they conceal.Virgos might support a more unconventional lifestyle.


The Aquarius is your soul mate. And a Libra is the one most compatible with your idealistic outlook on life. Select anything interests you.


Marry a Scorpio to conquer the world. This department matches them best. They'll support your hard effort, one of your strongest attributes.


If that's the case, you should try to find a life partner who gets you. You would get along best with another Aquarius.


They may be dreaming. They require a spouse to gently bring them back to reality. Cancer or Pisces, swim through life.

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