You're fearless, or at least you don't let anything stop you. Your energy and seemingly limitless potential make most people jealous.


Being able to do whatever you want without caring about what others think gives you a lot of freedom.


For a terrific conversationalist, you're not all talk. You have brilliant ideas and can turn them into money. Like you, everyone wishes they could make their dreams come true.


They envy your deep, lifelong love. Your unconditional love is rare, therefore people want to be enveloped in it.


You never tolerate mistreatment. You're lion-like and don't take garbage. You're sure of yourself and what's right. You shouldn't be used, abused, or exploited—those who do learn their lesson.


You can solve any difficulty, even when others can't. You're sought out to mend things, and when they see how much you can do, they're envious.


You're the light that attracts people, and your pals are fascinating and successful. It's inevitable! You're pleasant, gregarious, and self-confident, making it easy to like others.


Love can't stop you from doing what you want. You know how to focus on what you want, figure out how to obtain it, and then act.


You make everything exciting. Your capacity to find humour and positivity in practically anything brightens the darkest moments. You improve lives, personalities, and futures.


Your perseverance makes people jealous—you don't care how hard or long you have to labour because you'll still be there fighting the good fight and winning. You'll never give up.


Your distinct worldview makes you innovative. You learn to do things differently and accept people's diversity. You have a big heart and are accepting.


To put it simply, Pisces are the envy of their peers due to their superior intelligence and ability to solve problems with relative ease.

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