You act without thinking and rarely consider implications. You're inconsiderate because you say what you think. You're mean. Speaking without thinking hurts others and yourself.


You'll wreck everything when you're envious and angered. You won't stop until you get payback, even if you damage yourself. You lose people because you won't compromise.


You'd tell them their flaws if they asked, but they rarely do. You talk trash to everyone, which could get you in trouble. It's true but hurts. Integrity boosts morale.


Your weakest trait is indecision. You self-injured. Poor choices lead to further misfortune. Consider how your actions affect others and yourself.


Pride is harmful. When hurt, you lash out. Leo leaders' hurt egos caused wars. Keep your pride in check or be prepared for some serious damage.


Like pulling at a scab, you preserve a list of hurts to revisit. Obsessing over past hurts more than you realise. Quit criticising yourself and others.


Laziness is your biggest risk. Complacency and conflict avoidance worsen matters. You feel stuck and depressed. Unhappiness makes you do dumb, harmful things.


Your weakest vulnerability is fury. You'll hurt betrayers. You'll hold on even if you hurt yourself. . Sometimes you and others need forgiveness.


You're too trusting and gullible. ц You're easy prey for scammers. You don't have to be cynical or jaded—just don't trust strangers. Think about it, be clever, and act accordingly.


Your negativity consumes everything good in the world. Being pessimistic damages you mentally and physically. You feel trapped in this darkness and think things will never get better.


You're sensitive because you don't show emotion. When you think everyone is out to get you, you close down emotionally and become very caustic when people try to help you.


Your risky trait is that you sometimes get lost in contemplation. Sometimes you need to be aware of your surroundings for safety.

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