Aries believe they can complete themselves. This may be true, but it makes it hard for them to open up. They are too independent to love.


Taurus finds their stubbornness and need to be right hard to love. Their inability to compromise forces early retreat.


Gemini is erratic. Deep-rooted fears and insecurities make them hesitant to commit. Their inconsistency makes them hard to love.


Cancer is a nurturing and sensitive sign. They worry that they're making their loved ones unhappy by constantly sharing their pain with them.


Leo finds their independence hard to love. They're fearless. They love leading and partying. They think this arrogance hurts their romantic relationships. 


A Virgo will tell themselves they aren't worthy of their partner's love. They are so afraid of being hurt that they project their insecurities onto the relationship.


Libra has trouble sharing their feelings. They guard their heart. Since they can't communicate, they're hard to love.


When a Scorpio feels betrayed or disrespected, they can hold a grudge for a long time. If you do something to make them angry, they will become bitter and vengeful. 


Sagittarians get bored quickly and move on. Because they can't commit, they find it hard to love.


Capricorns prioritize their careers over love. Because transactional love isn't love, they find it hard to love.


When emotionally provoked, Aquarius tends to withdraw and become cold. Because of how strongly they feel when reminded of their trauma, they find it difficult to be loved.


Pisces can be challenging to love because they have a hard time loving themselves. They can't fathom how another person could love them if they don't love themselves.