Aries, participate. A cause you've been following in the news, a growing rift between friends, or a new mentoring program at work could be it. You act rather than watch. 


Taurus, you'll control your life. You will make a life-changing choice. Getting married, buying a house, moving, starting a family, or working. You're eager to take on new responsibilities.


Gemini, your reflection will change. Like a shipwreck survivor, your life chapter has ended without you realizing it. Realizing all that turmoil is behind you is liberating.


Cancer, different background alters perspective. Avoiding echo chambers, this experience will show you how vast the human experience is and how big the world is, no matter how connected. Study others.


Leo, your social calendar will slow down. You may have a cold or realize you need a break. Solitude reminds you of being alone with your thoughts. To think independently of others.


Virgo, release. We know you're trying to grow, and personal success is the best revenge. You don't forgive or forget, but you move on. Abusers don't need proof.


Libra, you’ll blossom. You visit a new place or meet new people, and the excitement and enthusiasm you didn't realize you were missing return. You embrace new experiences.


Scorpio will find yours. Like a hobby or style you've always owned. It will fill a gap in your life and bring soulful joy.


Sagittarius, you'll return to nature. Travel destinations reflect mood. Beautiful landmarks representing your epiphanies and vast expanses representing freedom from anxiety.


Capricorn, get your hands dirty. DIY your regular purchase. Building furniture, growing herbs, roasting, grinding, and brewing coffee. You'll believe you can do it.


Aquarius moors your boat. A refuge. A home. You'll appreciate shelter from your recent troubles. Feel it. It will outlast you.


Pisces, you will host a party to celebrate recent events. Even if you haven't thrown many parties, this one will come naturally. You imagine good times with good friends.

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