Go for the dark colors

If white or lighter-wash jeans make you feel most confident, then by all means, rock them. Black or dark-washed denim may make you look slimmer.

How you accessorize can either highlight or hide your choice of denim wash. Dark denim is perfect for keeping secrets.

Pay attention to pockets

As we mature, back patch pockets add bulk to jeans. If they're too low or huge, they'll create the illusion of a lower, wider bum.Angled pockets slim hips.

Note side pocket placement. Like me, you may have a butt. They'll flair out and accentuate your wide hips.

Choose an option with a high waist

Everyone knows that low-rise jeans don't look well on them. High-rise pants, however, are an exception to this rule. High-rise waists are ideal for covering the muffin top and

elongating the legs as we age.Pear-shaped women should wear high-waisted flare jeans since they hide the waist and make them look more hourglass-shaped.

Get yourself a classic pair of boot-cut jeans

Bootleg jeans suit everyone. Its timeless form, full-length hemline, and elongating effect compliment all figures. Straight-cut or boot-cut jeans slim without

stressing problem areas.Boots fit this pants. Bootleg jeans, ankle boots, and cropped jackets are classic. Most models feature tiny leg holes for tall boots. 

Be cautious when purchasing

hoosing the correct jeans requires more than zipping them up. Sit, squat, and bend to assess the trousers' functionality and comfort.

Try combinations with your favorite shirt and shoes. Boot-cut jeans may clash with great flats. High-waisted jeans may contrast with longer, untucked shirts.

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