Sagittarius are great but self-centered. Cold-hearted Sagittariuses rarely ask about you. Their fantastic life matters more than yours.

They'll nod occasionally, but they're not really listening. They rarely ask about yourself, but when they do, it's usually to acquire useful information.


Cancers are astonished to learn that they can be cold-hearted, but any Cancer with a history of heartbreaks will have to harden their heart, even if it's for self-preservation. 


Scorpios become incredibly cold-hearted if betrayed or lied to. They can plan and execute revenge while they're emotionless.

Scorpios are manipulative and cold-hearted, so they can exploit others and find their flaws. Scorpios hide their skeletons because of their coldness.


Virgos are smart and cold-hearted, which helps them get revenge. Virgos like control, including their emotions. They're better able to make a sensible, well-thought-out plan without their emotions.


Taurus might be cold-hearted since they don't compromise. Taurus won't consider the opposing side's viewpoint if they disagree. Taurus won't budge, no matter what.

Sharing an emotional moment is less important to them than being right. Taurus will be cold and indifferent if something or someone stands in their way.


Cold-hearted Aquarians Empathy—not sensitivity—is lacking. They don't want to hear about others' hardships and feel uncomfortable when others express their emotions.

Aquarius is safest emotionally isolated. They would rather appear cold-hearted than risk having their emotional flaws used against them.

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