Be sincere about your desires

Effective communication requires mutuality. If inadequate communication is keeping your marriage from reaching its potential, be honest about your wants.

Make space that is safe

Safe sharing allows anything. Fear causes silence. Therefore don't use your spouse's remarks against them. You pledged love, protection, and cherishment.

Becoming the spouse you want

Give your mate what you want. Be a trailblazer by doing the right thing. Your relationship will succeed if you focus on yourself and trust your partner.

Communicating with your partner will be easy. Your key unlocks all the answers. Self-reliance is your only option.

Do not anticipate a mind reader

She may figure it out if she knows. This makes your relationship fail, especially if assumptions have expectations.

If you want the other person to live up to it, It's unjust to avoid communicating needs. Your spouse will misinterpret your thoughts, making you both resentful.

Purposefully listen

You can't express what you want if you're waiting for your partner to quit talking. Reassurances. That can lower your spouse's confidence in your discussion. 

Be a good listener to get your spouse to talk. You're receiving your spouse's vulnerability. 

Honor your individuality

Men respect, women sympathise. They communicate differently too. You can also weave your discussions, overlapping or interfering cooperatively. 

Guys, conversing while doing may be easier. Sitting side by side and taking turns may be less stressful than facing each other.

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