Air belongs to Mercury. Needs discussion. Geminis switch gears rapidly to keep the conversation going. Gemini can talk to anyone, even if they don't know much about the topic.


Passionate and quick to anger Even if Aries isn't the most articulate zodiac sign, when they talk, everyone pays attention. Until they are heard, Aries will yell. 


Sagittarius are straightforward. Sagittarius teachers are great, but they frequently talk too much. New books and topics can silence Sagittarius.


Pisces, one of the most sensitive signs, thinks everyone could read hearts without words. Because we're not all empaths, we must use speech to express our feelings.


Leo performs everything. They improvise rather than talk. Leo enjoys storytelling, bold proclamations, and audience pleasing. Wait for your turn to speak. Leo's streak will delay that.


Another Air sign, Aquarius, handles global challenges from a podium. Aquarius talks privately. They examined. They love. They'll continue until everyone realizes the risks.


Libra, an Air sign, can converse smoothly but also listen. Libras enjoy balance and are great negotiators. They're talkative, but they know how to share the spotlight.


Mercury rules Virgo, therefore they think a lot. They're nervous and anxious, so if they see something wrong, they'll tell you.Virgo critiques are unparalleled.


Taurus hates small talk, foolish jokes, and vulgarity yet may talk for hours about their favorite art and other treasures. Because they're sensual, Taurus enjoy life rather than talk about it.


Cancers guard their thoughts like homes. Yet, they value understanding. Trusting Cancer takes time, but you'll discover a lot about their heart and mind.


Scorpios have a natural aptitude for learning through listening. The Scorpion has an uncanny ability to detect hidden information.  A Scorpio always thinks before they speak.


Capricorn's busy. If they have nothing to say, Capricorns may prefer writing. With thought, they can communicate successfully.

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