Clear tests, win games, and overcome obstacles. Staying interested, enthusiastic, and stimulated requires effort and challenge. Trying to better keeps you interested in life.


You need a nice home, good food, and nice surroundings. They're essential, therefore you'll do everything to get them. You'll work hard for what you want.


You need to be heard and stimulated. You need to communicate and be understood. The nicest sensation is connecting. Rant, explain, or argue.


You need to know that your sentiments are real and that your loved ones understand not only what you're going through but why. . You require compassion from others.


You want people to respect and revere you, not simply admire you. You're a star, yet you need others' approval to thrive. When you're loved, everyone praises you and lifts you up.


You must excel. Only murder at what interests you. You're a great musician and writer. As long as you know your stuff, self-teaching or multiple classes don't matter.


You strive for moderation. You want peace. You like decent, enlightened people and seek peace at home. You'll overcome harmful folks.


You're fiercely devoted to love, knowledge, ability, and opinion. You'll put your all into a task or objective. If you want love or knowledge, you'll seek them relentlessly.


You want to explore the world, try new things, experience various cultures, and enjoy life's pleasures.


You want to be kind, help others, and provide for your family. You're dedicated. You're trustworthy. You control your behaviour, words, and treatment of others.


Technology and sciences must be current. You like tweaking. Dislike inertia. Innovations thrill you. You like to disassemble, analyse, and repair things.


An intense need to express yourself artistically doesn't require becoming an artist.Whether in your furniture arrangement or clothing, you must reflect beauty and art.

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