Avoid work-related stress this week. Take breaks when you feel tired. Avoid discomfort. Accept and recharge.


Avoid conclusiveness this week. Misunderstandings should not cause conflict. Ask for clarification. Talking is fine.


Avoid toxic arguments this week. They'll hold you back. Don't interact with them. Walk away. Inner peace trumps their poor friendship.


Avoid auto-approvals this week. Even though you're a people-pleaser, don't spend all your time on others. Say no. You don't have to help everyone.


Avoid the past this week. Yesterday's mistakes and people are gone. Prioritize today and tomorrow. How to improve your happiness.


Avoid emotional suppression this week. Though uncomfortable, they should be felt and acknowledged. That helps you understand yourself. Internal experiences can teach you.


Avoid procrastination this week. To avoid stress, finish your worst tasks first. Waiting only prolongs worry. Now is better than later.


Avoid broken promises this week. Don't lose trust by talking big but not following through. Start with honesty. Honesty is key.


Avoid hasty decisions this week. Slow down. Keep calm. Consider the pros and cons before deciding. Sleep on it. Let yourself think.


Avoid isolation this week. Avoid alienating others. It's important to balance work and play. Relax too.


Avoid stress this week. Dream big, but keep short-term goals realistic. Controllable goals. Prevent disappointment. Dream big but take it easy.


Avoid self-blame this week. Not all mistakes are your fault. Because you're doing your best, don't abuse yourself. Be proud of your effort, not ashamed of the result.

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