Aries, this energy is particularly potent. Meditate, meditate, meditate to calm your fiery self. This stillness lets you channel your fiery energy and action for good.


Vision board. Taurus, you want to make your life beautiful, so use this energy of desire and action to create a visual representation of your goals.


When you're with people—friends, parents, or dates—you thrive. The New Moon is about new beginnings and meeting new people, so surround yourself with positive people.


Do something as simple as taking a bath. Prepare a relaxing bath with incense, aromatic oils, and bubbles. Put your trust in your affirmations and say them aloud as you close your eyes.


Candle rituals tap into fire. Write down your obstacles and desires. Burn it. Write your intentions on new paper and light a candle.

Write down 10 things you want to let go of and another 10 things you want to bring into your life. You can also write your affirmations and manifestations in a journal or use freewriting.



De-clutter! Libras want everything to be pretty, balanced, and peaceful. Clean your space for a good New Moon cycle. Light candles afterward.


Exercise. Release any negative energy as you enter this New Moon cycle (like jealousy or possession). Try yoga, pilates, or a long walk. Go.


Sagittarius, breathe. The air will benefit you whether you spend the New Moon outside or just open your window at night. Meditate and breathe deeply.


Write your biggest affirmation three times in the morning, six times in the afternoon, and nine times before bed on the New Moon.


Write down your top 10 life goals on paper. Write 10 things you're grateful for below (your health, your family, your job, etc). List 10 activities you enjoy below (hobbies, your career, etc).


Pisces, are you more a dreamer than a doer? Simply focus on your goals. Make tea, light candles, and meditate on what you want in your career, relationships, home life, and everything else.

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