Foster affection for one another

Love is two-energy. Let others adore you most. Help. Relationships demand balance. You'll require more attention sometimes.

Look back and realise that you support each other equally. Self-care matters. Listen to your body to self-care.

Explore alternative viewpoints

Sharing your big, beautiful heart invites your partner and friends to do the same. Being yourself is best. Avoid impersonating others. Trust is necessary for honesty.

Acknowledge imperfections

The partner's perspective is valued and respected. Share your needs with one another.

If you want to have a successful relationship, you both need to be genuine. When making choices, big or small, it's important to be true to your true feelings.

Always be truthful

This energy encourages openness. Your partner's emotions are always clear. Though occasionally harsh, they express what they think.

Be true to one another

Trusting each other can help you listen to your inner advice. Maintain mutual support. Connecting doesn't require barriers. You're safe together.

Stay in the current moment

Your connection will suffer as you restrict your heart. Enjoy life, take time for yourself, and commit to your relationship. Fully and equally devoted couples trust each other more.

Make learning a priority

Learn something you both love.Share unfinished thoughts. Understanding your partner's thoughts helps. You'll want your partner's feedback if the decision affects them. 

Before discussing significant decisions, give each other time to ponder. Communicate well to build trust in your relationship.

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