They want you to be honest and transparent with them. They don't like those who stall and waste time. They require a self-starter who can hold their interest. Boring people move on.


Taurus keep their feelings private. They'll act like nothing's wrong. Taurus seek a partner to collaborate and express themselves. People favour those who try to know them.


Geminis have several interests. They enjoy being active. They need someone to bring unique thrill as they move from one amazing thing to the next. 


Cancers strive to give their partners everything to make them happy.Nonetheless, Cancers expect their partners to conduct as they have idealised. They just want someone to commit.


Leos are outgoing and want a partner who will progress with them. Hate games are ridiculous. They want compatibility. Leo-like decisiveness. Avoid insecure people.


Virgos are emotional and analytical. They never showed this side to others. Like Virgos, their partners must balance practicality and emotion. Discuss mental and emotional matters.


Libras try hard to be optimistic. You won't endure long if they see you as a threat to their peace of mind.


Scorpios don't trust until proven. Burnt. Maintaining Scorpios requires confidence. Comfort wins. They like love. They want a passionate lover.


Fun, thoughtful Sagittarius. They enjoy challenging travel and philosophical talk equally. People are nature's greatest wonder. Sagittarians need a grounded, exploratory mate.


Capricorns want a mate who works hard like them. They like independent, present-minded people. Capricorns need someone to break up the workday and have fun.


Aquariuses adore adventure. Much happens. They marry only the best. You were selected. They like unusual getaways. Finally, they love but struggle to show it.


Pisces is sensitive. After welcoming you, expect massive displays of adoration. since they prefer it. Pisces need a partner who is close, intuitive, and sympathetic.

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