He loves his smile when he thinks about you

Even if he's anxious at work, if he's lucky, a woman will make him grin. He's solely turned on by her or her name.

When he makes you grin, he adores it

A male enjoys seeing his girlfriend laugh, smile, and have fun. He enjoys making her laugh, even if it means making stupid jokes.

He enjoys your proximity

It's in a man's nature to want to be close to the lady in his life. A wonderful way to bond with someone, put them at ease, and enjoy being in their physical and emotional company.

He likes your post-kiss smile

Sometimes, after a passionate kiss, all you can do is smile. If you want to get a man's attention, just flash that grin. Indeed, this is one of the qualities that men find most appealing in a female partner.

He enjoys your gaze

I've never felt better than when I'm with a lady who actually wants to be with us, offers us the same affection and effort we give her, and can love us back.

He likes how easy things are with you

In a way that makes you heave a pleasant, deep sigh and look into each other's eyes thinking, So, this is how it should be, a man becomes more smitten with a woman. 

He enjoys consulting you for guidance

Respecting someone means prioritising their views over those of others. You seek advice. You seek their opinion on your latest dilemma. Get their opinion.

See it as a good indicator if your partner asks for your input and actually considers it.

He can't get enough of gazing into yours

His gaze replaces shyness with excitement. Hope replaces it. It's replaced with love, which only grows between two individuals who open their souls and embrace each other. 

Physical contact pleases him

Guys adore random embraces, kisses on the cheek, hands on his knee while sitting next to him, and arms around him while strolling.

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