Relax, think, and watch your tongue. You don't want what you say now to follow you through your birthday season. But chill out from exhausting people.


You may miscommunicate with friends, family, or everyone nearby. Maybe nobody appreciates your brilliant ideas. To avoid being annoyed by the world, be as clear as possible with others.


You may be frustrated that no one understands your ideas, but this will be a productive time for you. Accept your wise status among friends, school, and work.


Traveling? Plan and execute in the coming months. Mercury is retrograde, so don't go crazy. Visit a museum, do yoga, or work on that project you abandoned to take a break.


Consider how to allocate funds before tax season. Chiron and Mercury's close encounters may leave you feeling wounded. Self-help books may help you decipher dreams or memories.


Your disappearance may make people question your friendships. Reach out during retrograde. Heal old wounds and reassure loved ones with your presence.


Mercury will frustrate your routines, but you can handle it. Here you learn how to perfect and redo things to get value months later. Even without motivation, work hard.


Relax and unwind. Expect many muses to inspire creative scorpions. March draws people to your creativity. Reconnecting and stealing the spotlight increases social connections.


Home miscommunications are frustrating but temporary. This will clear the air and allow you to address family issues you've been ignoring.


You'll probably be late this month. Time may be against you. Don't panic. Mercury will instill patience. Be precise and patient.


Unexpected income may benefit you. While others are going crazy, you can organise your finances and learn from past mistakes.


Pisces After a rough start, the season has stabilised and you feel at peace with the universe. Mercury taught you self-love and acceptance.