Regaining self confidence and pride. If you let Venus in Aquarius shine, you will. Accept your successes and abandon defeatist thoughts.


You'll take centre stage when Venus enters Aquarius. Get ready to sit on your throne everyone will be watching for years.


This transit will surprise. Reignite a long-lost interest. Venus in Aquarius encourages philosophy.


This transit will bring many surprises. However, prioritise yourself. Giving our hearts and souls to people who don't reciprocate isn't worth it.


Venus desires love, laughter, and fun. This transit favours tranquilly. You can also pamper yourself. Venus brightens you.


This transit will improve things for you. Venus inspires diligence, care, and excellence.


Enjoy this Venus transit. You can socialise or be alone. Venus inspires you to make. Promote a project by going outside your comfort zone.


Venus joining the other planets in Aquarius will ease things next month. Home and work issues should be calm.


This transit calms anxious thoughts briefly. Venus wants you to relax and see clearly. Stop thinking. Relax.


This transit will surprise and teach you for the next two years. Venus requires financial and goal discipline. Set financial limits.


Venus in your sign brings love. This transit will boost your confidence without requiring a partner. Venus will make you consider what you want in a partner or for your happiness.


Venus transits your hidden house. Recharge and reflect. Before your Venus transit, think, meditate, and prepare. You can handle so many planets in Aquarius.