Aries wants to conquer the world, and where better than Bali or Rio de Janeiro? Bungee jumping, volcano climbing, and all-night parties are their goals.


Taurus enjoys comfort. They want to spend spring break on a Maldives private beach drinking cocktails and getting deep tissue massages.


Gemini loves having fun and trying new things. They want to explore Tokyo's colourful streets, eat delicious food, and party like a local.


Cancer is a homebody who wants to escape the daily grind. They need a woodsy cabin with a fire and a good book.


Leo wants to be the centre of attention, and where better than Hollywood or Miami Beach? They want to party and sunbathe like celebrities.


Virgo is a perfectionist and planner. They want to explore a new city their way. They need a self-guided Paris tour with a detailed itinerary and the best restaurants and cafes.


Libra loves harmony and beauty. They want stunning natural scenery. They need a Grand Canyon or Niagara Falls vacation to recharge.


Scorpio seeks solitude and introspection. They need a secluded cabin in the mountains or a Tibetan monastery to find inner peace.


Sagittarius craves adventure and new cultures. India or Morocco will satisfy their wanderlust with new sights, sounds, and tastes.


Capricorn wants to use spring break to advance their career. They'll benefit from a New York or London conference or networking event.


Aquarius likes to rebel. They want to volunteer in a remote refugee camp or conservation project to change the world.


Pisces dreams of escaping to a magical world. Disneyland or the Wizarding World of Harry Potter will let their imaginations run wild.

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