You're a leader, but your soulmate doesn't need saving. Like Capitol-born badass Cressida, your perfect partner will have goals.


Like your soulmate, Cinna is a sweetheart who protects those he loves. Like your favorite stylist, you do best with people who like you for who you are and only want to enhance your awesomeness.


To keep up with you, you need a big personality. Effie Trinket is your ideal partner—sweet, Austenatious, and ready to fight.


You want a caregiver who can also listen. Katniss is quiet, stoic, and protects everyone—perfect for the sensitive Cancer.


Ceasar Flickerman is your lifter. He's a famous talk show host, but he only wants to make his guests look good.


Finnick Odair's "Hot with a Heart" energy attracts you. He's a secret romantic who would do anything for his love while fighting for justice and looking hot.


You like companionship, safety, and eternal love. Like Peeta Mellark, your ideal partner will bake bread and bring you breakfast in bed while protecting you. The details matter.


Your soulmate is flamboyant, letting you watch and smile. You love Johanna Mason, bare elevator scene and all.


You like scoundrels. You can overlook bad behavior if they're attractive and sassy. Have you seen Seneca's creative facial hair? Keep him.


He cares, even if he doesn't show it. He drinks too much, but you like challenges. You have the best chance of changing someone. It's not your soulmate if it's easy.


You need a soulmate you'd risk everything for because you're often in your own world. Prim, naturally. She becomes a skilled medic, but her story begins with someone else saving her.


You want rescue. You also like independent people. Gale, a determined and hot hero, is your ideal partner.

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