Breakups don't bother this house's residents. They act okay when their soulmate leaves because they think they did their best to keep that going. They consider a breakup typical.


They take time to move on because showing love takes courage. For them, it is very hard to accept that their love is ending. Tauruses often cry alone with their pillows.


Zodiac individuals are dual. Nature confuses them. After their soulmate goes, they're unsure what to do. After discovering someone better, it hurts. Geminis forget everything by focusing on that.


Because of your acceptance, this zodiac is mature. This house's residents know that choices come and that losing their soulmate is okay. Geminis will accept it and think positively to cope.


Leos work hard.They warn their potential soul mate that their bad taste makes them unaffordable. They also blame their partner for their misfortune in leaving.


Virgo feels worthless and struggles to move on. They take ages to leave their secure environment. They never recover from their loss and feel useless.


Soulmate departure makes housemates feel burdened. They struggle to accept reality and want to change it.


Scorpio needs a lifetime partner. If their soul mate abandons them, they feel compelled to seek them out again. Always wanting their ex's company.


If you're a member of this household, you don't take rejection personally but instead make the conscious decision to punish yourself. When your lover leaves, you blame yourself.


Capricorns don't pursue their ex. If their lover rejects them, they may try to find themselves. They think that they are capable of living alone and they don’t need anybody else.


If the people Aquarius cares about turn their back on them, they'll find strength in their own rejection. They know that it takes time to move on and forget anything so they just give time.


There will be no rejection in this household, period. If someone rejects them, they decide to never contact anyone again.

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