Sinking Aries. When depressed, Aries is a horrible prophet. Lost in the dark, they think everything is hopeless and useless. The infant is discarded. That stinks everywhere if they think so.


Depressed Tauruses are hard to cheer. Fun may take a lifetime for them. Tauruses pursue distractions to avoid that awful abyss. Hopelessness leads to despair.


Geminis are depressive. Gloomy Geminis have a resigned melancholy that makes clown tears seem fitting. They combat depression with stand-up comedy.


Cancer's shadow can bittern. They begin with noble intentions but become sick and irresponsible in their grief. Cancer desires happiness so much they're frightened of mistakes.


Despite his cheerfulness, Leo can't handle depression. Failing someone activates Leo's internal system. Leo pals like winning. Yes, but Leo won't win if you're upset. If not, they despair.


Darkness bothers Virgo. They adore despair's subversiveness, but they self-destruct quickly. This group can't be repressed, thus they must express their sadness. Their expressiveness helps them handle gloom.


In the dark, Libra suffers. They lie, avoid conflict, and don't speak what they think. Keeping track of lies causes confusion and anxiety. Libra's anxiety kills them.


Scorpios are always dark. Use darkness. Scorpios are depressed today. They have natural coping mechanisms, some of which involve treating others unfairly.


Sagittarius influences depression and darkness. When something horrible happens, they don't know what to do because they've lived in their thoughts their whole lives. 


Depression plagues Capricorns. Family problems weaken them. Whether it's achieving their goals and being thwarted or trusting oneself and being broken by harsh remarks. 


Depressed Stoic Aquarius. Some hide their emotions but cry alone. Aquarius feels betrayed by their failure. One strategy fails and all collapse like dominoes. Aquarius falls.


Pisces has extra-dark depression first. They're the Zodiac's most sensitive and possibly excitable. Enjoy. Fear must be fun. Crying feeds Pisces' darkness.

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