They'll leave or stop responding. They'll disappear to avoid having to lie. They avoid conflict because they can't calm down once angry.


They repeat. Their story remains unchanged. Because they rehearsed it before talking to you, they use the same words every time.


Overcompensating, they stare at you and blink less. to appear unhidden. They overstate their truthfulness.


No eye contact. They fidget with jewelry or sleeves. Due to nervousness, they will stutter.


They'll say you're crazy for worrying about whatever. They will mock everything. They'll humiliate you for doubting them.


They'll ramble. Too many details. They meticulously planned this lie to ensure that their story was consistent, which is why they can remember everything that happened that day.


They'll ignore you. When confronted about their lies, they change the subject. They'll try to avoid you until you stop asking questions.


They'll erase text and email history. They'll ask you to talk to a friend who covered for them to verify their story. They'll keep their actions a secret.


Fortunately, this sign is true. Even if it hurts, they'll tell you the truth. They won't care if it hurts.


They lie. They add unnecessary details to make the story more believable. It will sound more like reading a script than remembering.


They'll dispute. You'll anger them by suggesting they're lying. They'll use your past actions to justify theirs this week.


They will become enraged. They'll get defensive for no good reason. They'll spin the story so that the blame falls on you.

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