You have a short fuse and get into pointless fights with your boyfriend, only to forget the whole thing happened a minute later.


The demands you make are unreasonable. Your boyfriend is expected to cook for you, shop for food, and serve you.


Your sentimentality levels rise. You use "I love you" quite frequently. You feel an overwhelming urge to cuddle.


You cover yourself with blankets and try to avoid being seen. You heat up a water-filled comforter. You constantly moan about how miserable your pain is.


Your boyfriend's lack of monthly pain angers you. Because you have it worse, his complaints annoy you.


Easy stress and frustration. When someone yells or sees a dog on TV, you cry.


You nibble on a chocolate bar. You eat a lot of ice cream. You secretly eat more often than you should. You let your hunger rule you.


You watch multiple episodes of your favorite shows in a single sitting. That late bedtime is typical for you. Nothing gets accomplished by you.


You let everyone know that you're on your period and that it's not your fault if you're acting like a diva.


You don't vent your frustrations to anyone. You keep your pain hidden from the world. Just be thankful that you didn't get pregnant.


You're dressed in sweats. Sweatshirts are a staple in your wardrobe. Instead of shoes, you opt for slippers. Your priority is on ease of wear.


You're not the kind to dazzle the world with your beauty. You don't get dressed for the day. You stay inside all the time.

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