When you put your trust in people who have repeatedly let you down, you cause irreparable damage to your own heart.


You cause yourself emotional harm by staying in relationships with people who have shown they have no regard for you or your time.


Instead of being open and honest about how you really feel, you break your own heart by acting as if everything is fine when deep down you know it's not.


When you tell yourself there's no chance of a relationship with someone before giving it a chance and finding out how they feel about you, you hurt your own feelings.


You hurt yourself by dwelling on past disagreements and failed relationships, rather than allowing yourself to heal and find joy in the present.


When you're too nice and let other people take advantage of your generosity, it hurts you emotionally.


You hurt yourself emotionally if you keep going back to the same person over and over again.


When you shut out loved ones, even when they mean well, you cause irreparable emotional damage to yourself.


You hurt yourself emotionally because you keep seeking fulfilment from people who can't provide it.


When you settle for mediocrity instead of fighting for what you deserve, you hurt yourself emotionally.


You hurt yourself deeply because you refuse to take an honest look at your hopes and dreams, instead choosing to ignore or deny them.


When you alter who you are to please other people without considering your own needs, you suffer an emotional toll.

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