You'll rush to get everything done and plan fun nights out before turning 30.


Because everyone is acting like your 30th birthday is a big deal, you'll feel overwhelmed.


When you turn 30, you'll be excited to leave your past behind and start a new chapter focused on happiness.


You'll be proud to celebrate your 30th birthday because you've accomplished more than you thought.


You'll get emotional over your past, how much you've grown and changed, and all the people you've lost and gained when you turn 30.


When you're about to turn 30, you'll get frustrated with how little you've done and how you should've done more (even though you're doing great).


When you turn 30, you'll feel pressure to reach certain milestones, but remember that everyone moves at their own pace and what works for one person may not work for you.


People expect you to have your life together by 30, but you're just starting to figure yourself out.


You'll want to party with your friends on your 30th birthday because it's an excuse to get together.


When you're about to turn 30, you'll start overthinking what to do next and whether you're on the right track, but age is just a number.


Because you'll be the same tomorrow, turning 30 won't feel any different.


You'll be scared when you turn 30 because things keep changing and you don't know how time has gone by so fast.

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