Aries ask for help. It's crucial because Aries is adventurous and pushes limits. Aries will consult experts whether climbing Everest or trapeze. Aries requests assistance immediately.


Taurus will patiently strive to do something to avoid asking for aid. When they understand they need support, they'll be specific. They'll usually seek for aid and finish the assignment themselves.


Gemini communicates well to beg for support. Ask, work it out, or get help. Geminis put others first, thus many people want to help them.


Cancers have strong relationships and always have supporters. Cancers cry for help. Dependence and begging are common. Cancer always helps others first.


Leos are generous and helpful. They know when they need aid but don't like asking. Leos realize people want to assist, so they ask. They may thank the helper with a thoughtful gift.


Virgos are independent and hate asking for help. They'll practice their words, delivery, and responses to be ready. Virgos can fix anything, so people want to help them.


Libras can ask for aid, but they're unprepared for rejection. Libra will practice accepting no rather than asking for aid. Libras are surprised when others don't aid.


Scorpios ask for help intently. They may persuade them. Scorpio starts with small, simple requests and builds from there so they won't be surprised when they need big help. They'll get it.


Sagittarius give and take aid. If they require advise or other support, they will follow it and not ignore it. Sagittarians like to serve people than receive it.


Capricorn is independent and capable, yet they rarely ask for help. They're real and honest in their requests, and they remember when someone went out of their way to aid them.


Aquarius acknowledges their limits. They only ask for help if it benefits others. Aquarius will request assistance at a charity event or beach cleanup. Picking them up is harder after outpatient surgery.


Pisces know when others need aid but not when they do. They may not realize they need aid until the situation is dire.Pisces trust the wrong people, who only help themselves.

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